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Just some stuff about your favorite "Hilary"!

Hi, I'm Hilary [but see, I'm sure already know me]. I'm 20 years old and I'm a Psychology major at Middle Georgia College. I'm a "planner", a nerd, & I'm generally a friendly person unless you suck. I'm gangsta-black and a neo-hippie... even though I am Catholic and love Hillary Clinton. I'm an "only-child" & you already know I'm the hottest fat chick you'll ever meet (I get it from my momma, what can I say?). I'm originally from Lantana, FL (West Palm Beach, baby [way down south])....

My favorite color ever is green. And next would be white. I use profanity in incredibly large amounts (hey, I get it from my daddy). I'm very passionate about the music I listen to (and I listen to it all). I like to daydream while listening to psychedelic songs. And trance. And well, never mind... I daydream to all music. I can recognize almost anyone I know by their hands alone... and yes, I do know your hands. I drink massive amounts of water and I take really good care of my teeth. I'm weird. And random. And a perfectionist. And ALWAYS online. I am at most times indecisive & I'm slightly obsessive compulsive. I'm very approachable. BUT... I can get mad pretty easily & I'm super-honest. Though, I'm not a bitch... I [try to] love everybody. *-MUAH-*

"I think all women should learn how to strip... it's a really healthy, extremely challenging thing to do."
-Sandra Oh


Oh, come on now! You know I wasn't really stripping! But I surely was shakin' my booty! And I love to dance and randomly take pictures. Haha! Dance, dance!


I like:
music. soulful people. tanning. psychology. sociology. independent films. animals. hippies. big cities. tattoos. Asian people. talking. the beach. camping. hot tea. sarcasm. house concerts. laughing. pretty teeth. cool hair. hugs. waking up early. taking pictures. reading. new people. old friends. pirates. mermaids. celebrity gossip.

I don't like:
eating alone. bad comebacks. assumptions. dirty beaches. sticky floors. failure. bad pictures. ignorance. hearing moms voice first thing in the morning.

Favorite music:
azure ray. better than ezra. muse. jeffree star. closed heart surgery. no doubt. alanis morrissette. weezer. janis joplin. at the drive-in. zero 7. tom petty. the pixies. jimi hendrix. damien rice. nirvana. the beatles. jet. ludacris. utiog. akira ymaoka. bob dylan. corinne bailey rae. gym class heroes. the pack. mickey avalon. bush.

Favorite movies:
steel magnolias. dumb and dumber. the goonies. dirty dancing. brick. scarface. under the tuscan sun. winter passing. clean. sin city. drop dead fred. garden state. sideways. pulp fiction. closer. the science of sleep. fast times at ridgemont high.

Favorite shows:
desperate housewives. grey's anatomy. intervention. miami ink. dancing with the stars. dog: the bounty hunter. little people, big world. the simple life.

Favorite books:
prozac nation. the beach. go ask alice. push. the giver. the da vinci code. angels and demons. the amityville horror.

I'd love to meet:
heath ledger. helen mirren. sandra oh. oprah winfrey. cheryl burke. maggie cheung. rachel ray. bam margera. hillary clinton. mia tyler. johnny depp. wanda sykes.

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