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Hey guys! It's ya girl!

(HILARY, duh!)

Well, I know that some of you don't have a MySpace and I never really thought about how MySpace requires you to have an account or be a friend of the person's page you are viewing before you can read their blogs or look at their pictures...

So I decided to throw this page together. It's not the best but it will be easier than MySpace to keep up with me and what's going down in my life (not that I feel I am super-important enough for you to "keep up with" ... but you do have to admit that if you are ever bored, I am here to entertain you, haha).

I love you guys so much and make sure you check up on me every now and then to see what's up! *-MUAH-*


Photo Album

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What's New?

This whole page.


Oh, and some of you know that I was accepted to Valdosta but for those of you I haven't told... I won't be attending VSU. I'm headed to Savannah to go to Armstrong!